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Selasa, 15 Desember 2020

Servo System LS


1. L7S
Pulse, Analog Command Type 
Easy to USE
  • Easy Gain Tuning with automatic inertia estimating function
  • Easy Setting Built-in Panel Operator
  • Many I/O Contacts and Various Functions (Digital Input : 10 Contacts, Digital Output: 8 contacts / Analog input, output : 2 contacts)
Reliability for Protection Function
  • CE,RoHS Certificated
  • Drive Protection Function and warn Function
High Response for Precision Control
  • High Resolutions Serial type Encoder (19Bit,BiSS)
  • Improved Speed Response (=1Khz) Frequency
2. L7P
Indexer Function Type
Prividing Program function built-in single axis position determination module
  • supporting position control mode by pulse input
  • position control mode
  • possible to use without upper controller
  • modbus RTU Protocol (RS-422)
Support various motor and encoder drive
  • supporting rotary,DD and Motor drive (supporting3rd party motor)
  • quadrature,Biss-C,Tamagawa serial abs,EnDat 2.2, Resolver
Improved Control Performance
  • Improved control bandwith
  • providing 4-step Notch-Filter
  • vibration control by realtime FET
  • Real time gain tuning function
All in one EtherCAT Communication type 
Real-time control through EtherCAT
  • High speed,Real time capability and syncronization mechanism
  • Improved EtherCAT communication spee (min.250us,DC support)
  • Supporting CoE,EoE,&FoE
  • Improved Speed Response (=1kHz)Frequency
Support Various motor and Encoder drive
  • Supporting Rotary,DD and Motor Drive (supporting 3rd party motor)
  • Quadrature,BISS-C,Tamagawa serial abs,EnDAT 2.2,Resolver
Improved Control Performance
  • Improved control bandwith
  • providing 4-step Notch-Filter
  • vibration control by realtime FET
  • Real time gain tuning function
Pulse,Analog Command Type
Control Power/Main Power unification
  • Unification of power for integrated control board and power board
  • 0.1-1kW Drive Line up for single phase 220VAC support
Optimal system implementation with competitive cost ratio
  • Unification of power for intragated control board and power board
Maintain and improve L7S spesification
  • Compability with existing L7S I/O pin map
  • Maintain current control cycle (10kHz),Speed/position control cycle (5kHz)
  • Added operation mode (indexing mode) and improved memory(1mb)

HMI LS iXP2 Series & eXP Series & SCADA InfoU


iXP2 Series

  • Aluminium body frame, responsive touch screen.
  • Easy-to-use Multy touch,gesture,dual screen,potrait mode.
  • Multi connected with 1Gbits 2ch
  • Ethernet between PC to PLC
  • Various interfaces : USB Host/device,SD Card,HDMI
  • High resolution : 1024 x 768
  • IP66, UL type 4x, NEMA 4x standards
  • Explosion proof. IECEx, ATEX,KCs
eXP Series
  • TFT LCD-applied wide type 
  • LED Backlight adopted for enhanced contrast ratio and low-power
  • PLC Ladder monitoring function : Only XGK/XBC supports
  • Web Server* / Data Server* / Patch-Through Function*
  • Remote Viewer Function 
  • Screen editor :XP-Builder
  • IP65

With advanced technology and superior performance,InfoU lets you manage an entire industrial system.

Powerful HMI Software Armed with Advanced Graphics Technology
*WEB : Stand alone and Client / Server system
*Redundancy system
*Open architecture that supports leading industrial standard including OPC and OLE DB
*Tag simulator

PLC LS XGR,XGK,XGI Series (Rack Type PLC)


XGR :Redundancy System
  • CPU Processing speed : 42ns/step
  • I/O Points ; max. 131.072
  • Total memory : 25MB (Program 7MB, Data 2MB,Flash 16MB)
  • Switching overtime : min. 4.3msmx.22ms
  • Built-in 256 PID loops control
XGK : Redundancy System

  • CPU Processing speed : 8.5ns/step
  • I/O Points : :max. 6,144
  • Various types of CPU E/S/A/H/U/SN/HN/UN(16K/32K/64K/124K/64K/128K/256K)
  • Integrated intelligent software package : XG5000
  • System solution based on open network : Ethernet,Profibus,-DP,DeviceNet
  • PID control
  • Built in Ethernet port : SH/HN/UN Type
XGI : IEEC Standard Programming
  • CPU Processing speed : 8.5ns/step
  • I/O Points : :max. 6,144
  • Various types of CPU S/H/U/UN(128K/512K/1MB/2MB)
  • IEC (Ladder diagram),SFC (Sequential Function Chart),ST (Structured Text),User Defined FB (Function Block)
  • PID Control
  • Built in Ethernet port : UN Type

Senin, 14 Desember 2020



  • CPU Processing speed : 40ns/step
  • Built in pulse positioning 6axes (XBM-H:2 axes) CAM control
  • Ethernet,USB,Serial

Standard [XBM-S] : Connector type
  • Programming language : ladder
  • CPU Processing speed : 160ns/stepl
  • MAX. 256-Pont I/O Control
  • Program capacity : 10Ksteps

Standard (XBC/XEC-SU)
  • CPU Processing speed : 94ns/step
  • Max. 284 I/O points
  • Program capacity : 15Ksteps/200KB (XBC/XEC)
Economic (XBC/XEC-E)
  • CPU Processing speed : 240ns/step
  • Max. 38 I/O points
  • Program capacity : 4Ksteps/50KB (XBC/XEC)

Terminal block type XGB-U (XBC/XEC-U)
  • CPU Processing speed : 60ns/step
  • Max. 352 I/O points
  • Program capacity : 32Ksteps/384KB (XBC/XEC)
  • Various line-up : standard,built-in analog,built-in positioning
  • Compatible with XGB expantion modules
High performance (XBC/XEC-H)
  • CPU Processing speed : 83ns/step
  • Max. 384I/O points
  • Program capacity : 15Ksteps/200KB (XBC/XEC)

Inverter LS M1000 The Perfect energy saving MV Drive


3kV 200kVA-3.700kV
4kV 250kVA-4.700kV
6kV 400kVA-7.500kV
10kV 600kVA-11.000kV
11kV 660kVA-12.500kV

Inverter LS iV5 Vector Drive


3 Phase 200-230V 2.2-37kW
3 Phase 380-480V 2.2-800kW

Optimized solution for lift application
control lift (elevator) application with both performanced and safety

High performance control system
SINCOS/SINCOS + Endat Encoder, Auto tuning,Built in Brake Control,PM and IM control

User-Friendly Interface
User-Friendly keypad, Driveview management

Various Option for Aplication
Syncronize,SIN/COS encoder (endat encoder), Extensio I/O,EL I/O Option

Inverter LS iS7 High Performance Drive


3 Phase 200V 0.75-75kW
3 Phase 400V 0.75-375kW
IP54 3 Phase 200V 0.75-22kW
IP54 3 Phase 400V 0.75-22kW

Features :
>High performances & functions :
-Droop control (automatic torque balance)
-KEB (Kinetic energy buffering) protection
-Ride Trough (LV Trip Delay) Protection
-Under load trip protection
-PMSM sensorless vector function
-Power brake & Flux brake function
-Static motor parameter auto-tuning
>Built in RS485 (LS Bus/Modbus RTU) communication
>Built in dynamic braking transistor {0.75-22kW(1-30HP)}
>PLC Board (Optional) :
-Master-K Platform : 14 max.input/ 7 max. outputs
>Extension I/O Board (optional) :
-11 max. input/ 6 max. outputs
>Communication boards (Optional) :
>Profibus-DP,DeviceNet, Modbus TCP,Rnet,LonWorks, CANopen

Inverter LS S100 Standard Drive


3 Phase 200V 0.75kW-15kW
3 Phase 400V 0.75kW-75kW
3 Phase 200V 0.75kW-15kW
3 Phase 400V 0.75kW-22kW

Features ;
  • Built in EMC Filter & DC Reactor
  • Built in safe torque off (STO)
  • Driveview7 connection with RJ45 Port
  • Powerful sensorless control
  • Available IP66/NEMA4X Series

Inverter LS H100 Fan & Pump Drive


3 Phase 200-240V 5.5-18.5kW
3 Phase 380-480V 5.5-90kW
3Phase 380-500V 110-500kW

Features :

  • Built in EMC Filter FOR 400V 5.55-30kW
  • Built in DC Reactor for 400V 37-500kW
  • DriveView7 connection with USB port or RJ45 terminal
  • Keypad exclusive for fan & pump
  • Reduction size compare with iP5A
  • Spesialized for HVAC System

Inverter LS G100 General Drive


3 Phase 200V 0.75kW-22kW
3 Phase 400V 0.75kW-22kW

Features :
  • Meets UL 61800-5-1
  • Military (MIL 217Plus) design based methology
  • Enhanced materials and manufacturing processes
  • Enhanced motor control-sensorless & V/F performance
  • User-Friendly-easy tuning sensorless control
  • Suitable for most applications
  • Easy to Instal, Use & Maintain
  • Various options
  • Built in Potentiometer

Inverter LS iG5A Economical Drive


3 Phase 200V 0.75kW-22kW

3 Phase 400V 0.75kW-22kW

Features :

  • Built in DB Circuit
  • Various Programming Function
  • Protective Function
  • Externally Installed Loader (Loader)
  • Cooling Fan Control
  • Control Mode
  • Frequency setting resolution
  • Frequency setting level
  • Input  : Multifunctional Terminal (8points)
  • Output : (Multifunctional Open Collector terminal,Multifunctional Relay Terminal.Analogue Output)

Inverter LS M100 Micro Drive

1 Phase 200-240V 0.4-2.2kW

Features :
  • Built in C2 EMC Filter
  • Built in DB Unit : > 1.5kW
  • DIN-Rail Mountable
  • Modbus in advanced I/O type
  • UL 61800-5-1 Design